Henna Artist in Colorado Springs, CO

About the Artist

Hello! Welcome to my little henna world. I am Aatika, the Henna Artist behind Lavender Henna. I’m a passionate henna (aka mehndi) artist based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have over 15 years of experience. I have been in love with henna since a very young age.

When there were no advanced materials to make gorgeous designs with, my mother used to just spread the henna paste like Nutella on my palms and fingertips and tie it down with an old cloth. Growing up I saw and felt how important the tradition of henna was in every happy time of our lives. While growing up, my fascination and love for henna grew even more. Since a young age, I knew what I wanted to be i.e. an Artist. I pursued my dream by using different mediums, canvases until I was ready for a henna cone. Once I held the henna cone in my hand, I never looked back and practiced for many years until I got better at it.

Those sisters and cousins that used to run away from me, when they saw me with a henna cone, started happily offering their hands. I am extremely grateful for how far this ancient and sacred art has taken me to so many interesting places and connected me with amazing people. Some of whom I call friends now. I look forward to meeting many more lovely folks and adorn many more bodies with this gift that had been given to me. I continue to evolve as an artist, as the learning curve will never be over for me.

All the henna at Lavender Henna is made by me with carefully picked organic ingredients. I am a certified natural henna artist by ICNHA (International Certification for Natural Henna Arts).

About Henna




Henna is a plant Lawsonia Inermis. The plant leaves are dried and grinded into fine powder. The powder is then mixed with essential oils, sugar, and lemon juice/water to make the smooth henna paste.

Henna has been used for many thousand years to beautify women. It is a pain-free and natural way to dye your skin and hair.

Stains the skin which lasts from 1 to 4 weeks. On hands and feet henna lasts from 7 to 10 days.


She is such an awesome henna artist and so sweet and kind as well! My friend and I live near Napa and travel all the way to Santa Rosa just to get our hennas done from her, and its definitely worth the drive.


This woman is so sweet and crazy talented. She made me feel comfortable and welcome in her home, which made for an enjoyable time. And the henna she did for me was beautiful! So happy I found her.


Aatika does gorgeously detailed high quality work every time. My last henna piece by her lasted for 2 weeks on my leg. The henna she makes with lavender smells so good, it is a very relaxing and fun experience. I highly recommend her services!


I’ve worked with Aatika on numerous occasions and each time I feel at home. She welcomes me and engages in cultural conversations with me. She is the definition of a true companion. She’s a wonderful mother and wife. Not to mention her henna skills are out of this world. I’m honored to have worked with her so many times, and I look forward to working with her again.

Shelby Ann Stewart

I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out! It was my first experience at henna. Aatika is such a sweet caring person! She is full of great vibes! & her henna work is impeccable & so precise! & did I mention she makes her own henna paste & it’s ALL ORGANIC?! I highly recommend everyone to try it! It’s for all ages! Her prices are super reasonable as well & she is located in Santa Rosa!



What is Henna?

Henna is a plant Lawsonia Inermis. The plant leaves are dried and grounded into fine powder. Traditionally henna was applied on the hands and feet only, but as the art has evolved into modern norms of society, it no longer is limited to hands/feet only. Now you can see henna crowns, belly blessing henna and many more styles.

What is Henna paste?

100% organic henna powder, sugar, lavender essential oil and lemon juice/distilled water. If you have any allergies to any of these ingredients, please let me know when you are making your henna appointment.

How long does the Henna stain last?

Henna lasts somewhere in between 1-4 weeks including the fading away time period.

How can I take care of my henna?

Keep the henna on for 10-12 hours minimum. Traditionally it is kept overnight. Pick or scrape the henna off the skin. Instead of washing off henna with water, pick up the dried paste from skin. Avoid water for at least 24 hours after removing henna. This will make the stain darker and for a longer time. Massage olive oil, coconut oil on your henna stain to protect it from water. Avoid any detergents, chemicals, cleansers, scrubs, hand sanitizers or swimming in chlorinated water as it can fade your henna faster.
Henna stain will be bright orange at first and will darken to a deep brown over the next 48-60 hours. This gradual darkening of the stain is a sign that the henna is 100% natural and organic.

Can you do Black henna? Why not?

No, I don’t do black henna. Why? What often goes by the name of Black henna contains PPD (para-phenylenediamine) which is a black dye usually found in hair dyes. PPD is not safe for a body. PPD is a toxin and carcinogenic which can get into your bloodstream through the skin.