Welcome to Lavender Henna Art Boutique.

Not everyone can get henna from me (hello! lucky locals!!!)  But you can get beautiful henna art home décor from me.

As a creative soul from a very young age, I have always loved decorating my room with my own drawings and paintings. Whether it was leftover scraps from my mother’s sewing, old wedding invitation cards or a chalk just lying around, I loved working with the things which I had on my hand and create something beautiful from it. Oh the joys of looking at something you’ve just created with your own bare hands, it just made me ecstatic.

After my henna journey started I felt very passionate about creating henna art on different mediums and canvases. My home décor line has expanded very fast and honestly quiet unexpectedly around the customer requests and demands. You can find bohemian home décor, canvases, candles, decorative throw pillows, candle holders, breathtaking mason jars, wedding décor and wedding favors all inspired by sacred henna art in my shop.

Gifts for every unique occasion are here for your one stop shopping experience. Take your home décor up a notch and add unique original artwork. Be mesmerized and get ready to captivate your guest’s attention as well.

If you like something in my shop, but would like to get it customized in your choice of colors and size, please feel free to message me and I will gladly work with you to craft something special and unique for you.

Look around and you will find something you love.

Thank you for visiting.